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Submission Form and Release

1.I am a citizen of the Peoples Republic of China (“PRC”).  If the submission is being made by a company, then the company is registered in the PRC.

2.I have read and understood the project description and submission for “China Tales” (the “Program”) as set forth above under the Tab labeled “Project Description and Submission Instructions.”

3.I understand that in order to submit my creative ideas (“Materials) to the China Tales Incubator for consideration by Nelvana Limited (“Nelvana”), We Kids Times Culture (Shenzen) Ltd. (“WeKids”) and Toon Boom Animation Inc. (“Toonboom”), and their respective parent companies, affiliated companies and subsidiaries (individually and collectively referred to as the “Producers”), I must read and understand this Submission Form and Release and indicate that I agree to all of its terms. I understand that the Producers will not review any of the Materials that I submit if I have not indicated my agreement to these terms. I also understand that my Materials will not be reviewed by the Producers if they are not submitted in accordance with the Submission Instructions set out above under the Tab labeled “Submission Process.”

4.I understand that each of the Producers is actively engaged in the content production, television and media industries, and either now or in the future may have access to or may independently create characters, materials, and ideas which may be similar or identical to those contained in my Materials. I agree that if the Producers create properties based on submissions other than my submission, or on ideas received from other parties or developed independently without reliance on my Materials, I will have no claim for compensation in connection with such properties, even if they contain elements that are similar or identical to characters, stories or ideas contained in my Materials.

5. I represent and warrant that:  (a) I have the full right and authorization to submit the Materials to the Producers in accordance with the  terms and conditions stated in this Submission and Release; and (b)  if I have collaborated with others in the creation of the Materials, I have secured their agreement to submit the Materials in accordance with these terms.  I agree to indemnify the Producers for any claims that may be asserted against them in connection with my submission of the Materials or in connection with any of these representations and warranties.

6.I hereby release the Producers from any claims, demands, and liabilities of every kind whatsoever, known or unknown, that may arise in relation to my Materials or by reason of
any claim now or hereafter made by me that the Producers have used or appropriated the Materials.

7.I understand that no confidential relationship is established by my submission of the Materials and that the Producers may share the Materials for the purposes of evaluation and review. I have retained a copy of the Materials and acknowledge and understand that the Materials will not be returned to me.

8.I acknowledge that (i) I have not previously submitted or disclosed the Materials to  the Producers; (ii)  that the Producers have no obligation to use the Materials in any way; (iii) and  that there is no agreement either express or implied between me and  the Producers other than the agreement set forth in this Submission Form and Release.

9.This Release shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Peoples Republic of China.
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