【 China Tales Incubator 】

Kids Animation Incubating Program


The China Tales Incubator is a collaborative effort of three well-known and respected companies active in the global children’s animation industry:  Nelvana, WeKids and Toonboom.  

Nelvana is one of the world’s leading international producers and distributors of children’s animated content. The Nelvana Studio operates out of a state-of-the-art digital animation production facility in Toronto, Canada. Nelvana’s library has well over 4,000 half-hour animated episodes including classic properties such as Babar, Franklin, Max & Ruby and The Berenstain Bears and new hits such as Trucktown, Ranger Rob and Mysticons. Airing in over 160 countries, Nelvana has received over 70 major international program awards including Emmys® and Geminis. For more information, please visit: nelvana.com.  

WeKids is the market leader in China for the distribution and exploitation of animation produced by animators from around the globe, and is the first destination for Chinese children and families who want to enjoy world-class animated TV series. For more information, please visit: wekids.com.  

Toon Boom Animation Inc's award-winning software is the global standard for 2D animation and storyboarding. Toon Boom solutions provide everyone from enthusiasts to professionals with the artistic freedom to create in any style and efficiently publish anywhere. Customers include Disney Television Animation, Amazon, Fox Television Animation, Nelvana, Ubisoft, Toei Animation, The SPA Studios, Xilam and Boulder Media. Toon Boom technology is available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. For more information, visit: toonboom.com.  (WeKids, Nelvana, Toonboom are referred to as “Producers”).

The Producers are committed to finding talent and ideas in China to develop, produce and distribute high quality television programming for children in China and to audiences throughout the world.

We Are Looking For

Entertaining concepts that will engage kids.  We are looking for characters and stories that appeal to children everywhere.  Please try to keep in mind the following elements that we believe are important to successful TV series for children:

Age appropriate (2-5 / 4-7 / 6-9)


Strong concepts that can go for multiple seasons



Stand-out creative art design

Safe, positive social values

Submission Requirements

·       Property working title  (no more than 6 words in Mandarin or English)

·       Target age group

·       Proposed format (e.g. 2D animation; 3D CGI, etc.)

·       Summary of Property (e.g. major characters, setting, basic story) (no more than 500 characters)

·       Describe the plot-line of one episode (no more than 500 characters)

·       Submit a maximum of 5 illustrations of major characters in PDF format and setting (optional); color illustrations preferred. Language (Mandarin or English)


1Q. I am a PRC citizen, but I live outside the PRC.  Am I eligible to submit my project to the China Tales Incubator?

A. Yes. The incubator is open to any citizen of PRC regardless if they are residents of PRC.

2Q.  I reside in the PRC, but I hold a foreign passport.  Am I eligible to submit my project to the China Tales Incubator?

A. No, as mentioned above, the incubator is only open to citizens of the PRC.

3Q. The project is the work of a partnership, can we submit?

A.  Projects that are the product of partnerships or have third parties involved in the creation of the project are allowed to submit to the incubator, provided that all parties are citizens of the PRC and provided that all creative partners agree to the submission in accordance with the terms set forth above .

4Q. I have already developed my project to some extent (e.g. I have scripts, bibles, story boards, or animation samples).  May I submit those extra materials? A.  You may only submit the project through the website within the parameters set out above. If you are selected to move forward into the Pitch Phase or Development Phase, then additional materials may be submitted.

5Q. I have already pitched my project to other producers.  May I submit it to the China Tales Incubator?

A. You may submit to the China Tales Incubator but once you have submitted you may not submit to others.

6Q. I am employed by an animation studio or other type of media company. May I submit my project to the China Tales Incubator?

A.  If you own your creative idea and it is not owned by your employer, then yes.  If the project is owned by your company, then the company may submit the project if it is a company registered as a Chinese company in the PRC.

7Q. My company wants to submit a project to the China Tales Incubator.  May we do so?

A. Sso long that your company is registered as a Chinese company in the PRC, then yes, a company may submit to the China Tales Incubator.

8Q. What terms and conditions can I expect if my Project proceeds to the Development Phase? A. It is not possible at this time to determine exactly what terms and conditions will be offered with respect to development and production of a television show based on your Project.  The actual terms and conditions will depend on a number of factors that are not now known, including whether the television show will be produced as a co-production; the costs of the production and whether there are other investors or government subsidies that can help pay for it, what role each of the parties will pay etc.  But set forth below are a number of items all or some of which the Producers and you are likely to negotiate in good faith if your Project is selected to proceed to the Development Phase;

a. Copyright ownership:  in order to take advantage of production incentives and to ensure that the television show can be broadcast in China and around the world, we will negotiate ownership of copyright in China and in other countries.

b. Your potential involvement as a writer, creative consultant or artist in the Development Phase.

c. The terms of your potential financial participation in revenue received from sales of any TV show that may be produced based on your Project, in China and around the world.

d. The terms of your potential financial participation in revenue received from publishing or from toys  based on your Project, in China and around the world.

e. The credits that will appear in connection with any TV show produced based on your Project (e.g. created by credit or based on a story written by credit, etc.).

f. If you are a production company, your possible role in producing all or some of the animation, and your expected financial investment in the development and production, assuming that is of interest to you.

g. Any other terms and conditions that are typical of multi-party international animation projects of this type.

9Q. Can the Producers take the characters, artwork or stories that I submit in my Materials and use them without my permission? A. No.  The Producers cannot use your Materials to develop and produce television programs without your permission.  If your Project is not selected, or if it is selected for the Development Phase, but you and the Producers are unable to reach agreement on the terms and conditions that will govern the production and exploitation of the Project, then you retain your rights to develop and produce it by yourself or with other third-parties.

10Q. By submitting my project, am I giving up any rights to my work?

A. No. You control all of your rights to your project until such time that you are selected and enter into an agreement with the producers.

For more questions please contact us